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Alexa Whitewolf

<p>Alexa Whitewolf was born in Romania a little after the fall of Communism, 1992 to be exact. Growing up in the Transylvania region surrounded by epic mountains and a never ending stream of legends and stories was bound to create an overactive imagination. From a young age, she started rescuing pets - abandoned dogs in warehouses, kittens about be drowned - and spent her childhood talking to animals. This devotion to the furry creatures shows up in her writing, as most of her series will have one - or more - pets involved (think Alistair if you read&nbsp;<strong><em>The Avalon Chronicles</em></strong>, Tyr in&nbsp;<strong><em>The Sage&#39;s Legacy</em></strong>).</p> <p>The move to Canada in her teens was a sometimes rough adjustment, and Alexa overcame it by burying herself in books - both reading and writing. She started her young adult series at that time, and continued with the fantasy of Avalon in university. Nowadays? She&#39;s working on a few other upcoming series, among which a werewolf paranormal romance one.</p> <p></p> <p>Alexa currently lives nearby picturesque Ottawa, where Starbucks locations abound. When not at home writing - or awake in the middle of the night trying to put her characters to sleep - Alexa can be found enjoying walks with her husband and two masters of mischief, Zeus and Achilles. Her social media feed is always inundated with animal posts, so if you&#39;re looking for some sunshine in your day, you know where to find it!</p> <p></p> <p>When the mood strikes, Alexa also dabbles in handmade jewelry and stationery for special occasions, as well as the occasional website creation for friends. And if that&#39;s not enough to keep this night owl busy, she&#39;s still trying to convince her husband to get another puppy - sadly, a work in progress.</p> <p>You can read more on her books, enter giveaways and follow her blog on travel, dogs and life in general at&nbsp;www.alexawhitewolf.com</p> <p>Be sure to sign up for Alexa&#39;s mailing list for exclusive perks!</p>