About the author

Silas Scott

Silas Scott is an author of topic specific memoirs about many of the profound aspects of his life that are unique and unusual while somehow being relevant and really important to tons of other people. He is a married, middle-aged man from the Midwest sharing the events and meaning of his introverted, sheltered experiences. Too shy to speak his truths, he expressed his reality and dreams through drawing and writing. As a man of nearly 50, he found he had to use his empathy and words to fight for social justice, equality, and self-actualization for himself and all LGBTQ people in front of politicians, church elders, newspaper reporters, and TV cameras. Mr. Scott’s daily joy comes from reading, laughing with his husband, and caring for their beloved pets. Check out his soon-to-be-released other non-fiction books about the most personal subjects that people hesitate to talk about but most powerfully shape our lives.