About the author

Eliza Bennetts

<p>I love to daydream and write - usually in that order, and since I was old enough to hold a crayon in my chubby hand, I've been creating stories.<br><br>While, I may never be able to equal the brilliance of those fables I crafted as a four-year-old, I now enjoy writing stories about heroes and heroines who've lived a little. I specialise in Woman's Fiction and Romance stories with protagonists who are 35 or older (Seasoned Romance).<br><br>Check out the books page to see what's coming up and sign-up for my monthly newsletter.<br><br>Best Wishes,<br><br>Eliza x<br><br>Eliza completed her English Literature degree (BA) at LaTrobe University in Melbourne.<br>She is now a schoolteacher and lives in the bayside city of Geelong with her husband and two sons. <br></p>