About the author

Ken Mooney

<p>Since a young age, Ken Mooney wanted to save the world. Or at least to talk about it. It&rsquo;s sort of an ongoing theme of his work, and he doesn&rsquo;t realise that until after he&rsquo;s written something, only to find out that it&rsquo;s bang on-trend, and that just makes him love it all the more.</p><p>Ken has worked in TV advertising, market research and even got his start in the dreaded world of call-centres. He holds an MA in English from Trinity College Dublin. Stories have always been his first love, and in amongst reading all those comics, watching all those films and playing all those video games, he wanted to share his own stories.</p><p>Ken has written two fantasy novels: <strong><em>Godhead </em></strong>and <strong><em>The Hades Contract </em></strong>bring the Greek gods to the present day in a dark horror, with a number of complimentary shorts. He has contributed to a number of anthologies and published two non-fiction books: <strong><em>The Little Book Of The End Of The World </em></strong>is a tongue-in-cheek look at different thoughts and theories on the end of the world and <strong><em>The Astrocytoma Diaries </em></strong>chronicles that time he got diagnosed with a brain tumour. He has also written <strong><em>Tackling The Issue </em></strong>and <strong><em>After The Tackle</em></strong>, gay romance focusing on some of the angers and fears in the LGBTQ community,</p><p>You can reach Ken on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and his own website and blog.</p><p>Ken lives in Dublin, Ireland with his husband.</p>