About the author

Alastair R Agutter

<p>Alastair R Agutter was born in Farnborough, Kent, England in 1958. He is a Best Selling Author of more than 30 specialist books. He is a Philosopher, Logistician, Theoretical Physicist, Writer, Publisher, Naturalist, Environmentalist, Computer Scientist, Creative Digital Artist and Proud Father of Five Children.</p> <p>His first specialist book was published in 1989 and writing on the South American Marine species the symphysodon that he managed to breed successfully in captivity after a great deal of heartache. In the book introduction over 25 years ago, he wrote about climate change concerns and with warnings.</p> <p>From the age of just 6 years, Alastair&nbsp;took up Gardening, being taught by his Grand Father, William Agutter. At&nbsp;9 years of age, and as a young boy, Alastair also took up the hobby and past time of Tropical Fish Keeping, and became a very successful&nbsp;Aquarist ,&nbsp;breeding countless species of cichlids and other tropical fish for over 46 plus years. Still today Alastair remains one of a select few in the world to breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) in captivity, and remains an authority on the subject ,and also as an accomplished author.</p> <p>As a writer of over 25 years today, Alastair never knew he would become a specialist books author. But then on reflection of his life&#39;s journey&nbsp;today, such a path&nbsp;does now make&nbsp;absolute sense!</p> <p></p>