About the author

Josephine Allen

<p>After life as a surveyor in Papua New Guinea and northern New South Wales, watching his wife study Journalism made this man envious.</p><p>&nbsp;So this life-long reader &mdash; history, adventure, mystery, romance, biography &mdash;started writing himself. Two fingers are quite adequate.</p><p>Had stories published in <em>Women&rsquo;s Weekly</em> and other mags. Won writing competitions. Became a writing-comp judge.</p><p>But waiting for the thumbs-up from traditional publishers became tiresome.</p><p>That&rsquo;s why this name and books have appeared on your radar at this time via the magic of e-publishing.</p><p>Love being swept up in intriguing plots, memorable characters and exciting historical periods? You&rsquo;ll really enjoy these page-turners!</p><p>His secret? His Rottweiler editor/wife. No fatuous heroines, no &ldquo;telling&rdquo;, no bad spelling or grammar escape her.</p><p>&nbsp;After you rip through your first book, you&rsquo;ll want more. (More soon.)</p><p>&nbsp;Please contact him at joalb@hotmail.com to make suggestions or have a chat.</p>