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Rimaletta Ray

&nbsp;About Dr Rimaletta Ray<p>Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a college professor of Psycholinguistic, presenting her twenty published books in two venues of expertise - living intelligence and language intelligence that she incorporates into one Holistic System Of Self-Resurrection that features self-creation in five life dimensions consequentially-physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal.</p><p>Dr. Ray states that on the path of Self-Resurrection, we’re raising our self-consciousness and forming the holistic fractals of Self-Worth, putting the form and content of life in sync.</p><p>Many people live in an automatic oblivion and with a deeply hidden intention to change their life, but they don’t have the plan of action to follow. Different motivational talks and advice given by accomplished people inspire , but they do not give the KNOW-HOW of a personalized value of self- creation that is always deeply individual.. That’s why Dr. Ray’s Inspirational Psychology for Self-Ecology becomes an objective message that choreographs a goal-oriented reader on this path with the mind-set at the back of his / her mind: The Greatest Art of all is to Self-Install!</p>