About the author

Thea Atkinson

<p> Thea Atkinson writes character driven fiction to the left of mainstream; call it what you will: she prefers to describe her work as psychological dramas with a distinct literary flavour. Her characters often find themselves in the darker edges of their own spirits but manage to find the light they seek.</p> <p> She has been an editor, a freelancer, and a teacher, but fiction is her passion. She now blogs and writes and twitters. Not necessarily in that order.</p> <p> Please visit her blog for ramblings, guest posts, giveaways, and more<br /> http://theaatkinson.wordpress.com</p> <p> or follow her on twitter<br /> http://twitter.com/#!/theaatkinson</p> <p> or like her facebook page:<br /> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Theas-Writing-Page/122231651163413</p> <p> <br /> a special thanks to Tiffany Atkinson for taking my author photo.</p>