About the author

Ernest Dempsey

<p>Ernest Dempsey is a USA Today Bestselling author from Chattanooga, Tennessee. His Sean Wyatt archaeological thriller series has been downloaded over a half million times across the globe.</p> <p>Dempsey attended Southern Adventist University near Chattanooga and earned a degree in psychology plus a masters degree in counseling.</p> <p>He published his first novel in 2010 with The Secret of the Stones. The sequel came in 2011 and propelled him toward a career in writing.</p> <p>in 2015 Ernest quit his day job after 12 years as a high school guidance counselor and began writing full time.</p> <p>His fiction is best known for its meticulous research, in depth history, and furious pacing. All of those factors contribute to stories that are nearly impossible to put down.</p> <p>Ernest Dempsey&rsquo;s books can be found at all online retailers worldwide.</p>