About the author

R J Theodore

R J Theodore (they/she) is an author, graphic designer, and all-around collector of creative endeavors and hobbies. They enjoy writing about magic-infused technologies, first contact events, and bioluminescing landscapes.<br>Their love of SFF storytelling developed through grabbing for anything-and-everything “unicorn” as a child, but later was subverted by tales of distant solar systems when their brother introduced them to&nbsp;<em>Star Trek: The Next Generation</em>&nbsp;at age seven. A few years later,&nbsp;<em>Sailor Moon</em>&nbsp;taught them stories can have both.<br>Their short fiction has appeared in&nbsp;<em>MetaStellar<strong>, </strong>Lightspeed,&nbsp;</em>and<em> Fireside Magazines</em>&nbsp;as well as the&nbsp;<em>Glitter + Ashes,&nbsp;<strong>Bridge to Elsewhere, Crooked V.2,</strong>&nbsp;</em>and&nbsp;<em>Unfettered Hexes&nbsp;</em>anthologies. An upcoming story will print in <b><i>Luminescent Machinations</i></b> from Neon Hemlock Press.&nbsp;<br>They live in New England, haunted by their childhood cat.<br>Find more information at <strong>rjtheodore.com</strong> and subscribe to the newsletter to receive a free short story!