About the author

H Gibson

– Author, artist, Healer, Reiki Master, NDE and 3rd degree burn survivor. Chronicling past and current adventures, changing lives one individual at a time.<br>The Chronicles of Han is a series of books that came about after NDE&nbsp; experiences. In 2004 the Author of Chronicles of Han Storm was caught up in a cooking oil explosion, sustaining third degree burns to 35% of her body including her face and both hands. She twice went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by the emergency personnel. It took quite a while for her to get back to functionality, with healing, physiotherapy and two small children to contend with (her baby was seven weeks old when the accident occurred.)<br>In 2008, after the scarring finally started to heal with the products her husband had developed for her, he gave her a laptop, encouraging her to stop saying that she would one day like to write a book and actually do it. The result is that one book quickly became a Series of reading excitement.<br>Han currently resides in Belize.<br>